Updates Made



  • HP Delay
  • First Zombie!
  • Zombie Reacting to Damage.
  • somewhat of a Zombie taking damage PoC (Proof of Concept)
  • Zombie Following Player POC.
  • AK Switch, and firing in scene.
  • Main Menu Tabs and base Functionality.
  • AK firing wasn’t functioning correctly due to object pooling sharing multiple AK’s.
  • Inventory is now in Main Menu.
  • HP points to camera now.
  • Maybe i may remove the inventory, or change it possibly? to something similar to MGS? Still not sure though.

Thoughts and Challenges

So far this project is going well. It’s sort of funny since we actually started this project in Unreal Engine a few years ago. Paused it while we pursued, and tried to wrap up nightbear. Now that we came back to it, I was able to do a lot of mechanical updates to it, and it’s great. it’s fantastic. there’s so many things I didn’t even consider that I needed to do, and it helped me start my modular libraries.

However, I also learned there’s a great deal of personal investment and care that goes into it, and taught me the value of learning other tools, and not always trying to re-invent the wheel. Either way, the project is going well. My artist, Nic is making some fantastic work with textures and painting. I know it will look great in the finished product, but need to take small steps at a time, until we get this project finished. It also inspired a few tutorials I may write up in the coming weeks, so I hope everyone will enjoy them!

This project also inspired another, possible arcade type of project. so while we continue working on this one, I may release another hidden project for fun ^^. At least, while I have the time too.  🙂