Updates Made

  • removed touch-screen controls
  • UI movement controls
  • weapon toggle
  • weapon fire button (used to be autofire)
  • Tutorial System (a sync’d Dialog System, and Objective System)
  • weapon damage for a better balanced gameplay.
  • boss enemy health, and specs.
  • credits scene.
  • syncing game.

Thoughts and Challenges

Originally, we made Nightbear based off of LudumDare34, with the two button controls concept. It was great, and our three man team devoted to working on it further. We worked on and off on it for the next 8 months after Ludum Dare 34, and got our first release mid 2017. I learned a lot about deploying to the google play store, the development process, and how many nuisance’s there are to deployments.

Either way, I was happy, we got our first release out, and the game looked really good! However, the control schema wasn’t the best, and although we thought we were clever, it didn’t make complete sense to everyone. I possibly asked about 100 people to try the game, and only about 1/10 really understood it immediately without any help. Still it was a challenge. Also our tutorial level wasn’t the best, and I realized not that many people create tutorial games. Specially in indies.

I was ahead on another project we were working on, and thought, “I have time, I can make these fixes, would be a better game for everyone”. I dedicated the first two weeks of July to making these improvements. Fixing the control schema, making a modular tutorial system, and just providing a better player experience. I underestimated it by a few days, but got it finished, and released the updates to the google play store by July 20th, 2018. It worked out well, tried it out, and the game was way better than before. I was happy with it. This was awesome! I showed it to a few friends, and after they gave me some critical feedback, then said the improvements were way better. I was happy with it, and thought it was a great improvement! It was more playable, the control schema was easier to understand, and although it  is somewhat of a visual obstacle, it made a lot more sense, and felt like a better high scores game.

The game still isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely better, and I do think this is a valuable learning experience for future projects!